GMina Maków

Gmina Maków is a rural commune located in the western part of the Skierniewice county in ďż˝ódďż˝ Voivodeship. It is bordered by the city of Skierniewice, commune Skierniewice, commune Godzianów, commune Lipce Reymontowskie and  commune ďż˝yszkowice (which is part of ďż˝owicz county).

The Gmina Maków covers an area of 82 square kilometers and its total population is 6039.  The Gmina Maków contains 10 villages.

The Gmina Maków is highly agricultural-oriented. Many of the farmers who live here specialize in berry and mushroom planting.

In Gmina Maków there are two antique churches – one, which was built in 1774 in baroque style, is situated in Maków and the second one, built in the 15th century, is located in Pszczonów.

Maków is surrounded by beautiful forests where animals live and mushrooms grow. It is located by the Pisia and Uchanka rivers. There are also storage reservoir in Mszczonów and Wola Makowska which are an attraction for many fishermen.

Due to lack of advanced industry and very large area of forests, the environment here is totally unpolluted. It is worth mentioning that there are also large urban areas nearby.  Thanks to it, the Gmina Maków is very attractive recreational place and more and more people would like to live here.

The authorities of Gmina Maków would like to provide friendly living conditions through its economic and social development. What is more, the road network is very well-developed.

Traffic routes, which are crucial to Gmina Maków, but they are not part of it:

· A2 motorway, which is a part of E30 route, runs from west to east through central Poland and it is situated on north-west of Gmina Maków
· The national road 70, which is situated on the north-east of Gmina Maków, connects ďż˝owicz with expressway S8 in Zawady
· Voivodeship road 704 is situated on the west of Gmina Maków and it connects Jamno and Brzeziny
· Voivodeship road 705 is situated on east of Gmina Maków and it connects ďż˝ladów with Jeďż˝ów

The Gmina Maków is located close to the ďż˝ódďż˝ urban area, Warsaw urban area and cities: Skierniewice, ďż˝owicz, ďż˝yrardów, Rawa Mazowiecka. The location is crucial to Gmina Maków, because it has an impact on the development of Gmina Maków. Investing attractiveness of particular communas is constantly changing and depends on many local factors such as geography or quality of local management.

Simultaneously, people who live in Gmina Maków are very enterprising. There are 232 businessmen there. In Gmina Maków there is an unemployment rate of 8,6%, whereas in ďż˝ódďż˝ voivodeship is of 10,3%. Unfortunately, small enterprises are not so innovative and have problems with adapting to new economic requirements.